LCOY 2019

Placed under the theme “the Academies of the Environment”, the Local Conference of Youth on Climate, aimed to strengthen the capacities of young people in an intergenerational approach. For the second year in a row, Ms. Marie-Josée Houénou obtained an accreditation from YOUNGO, the youth body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the framework of the COP in Bonn, Germany.

On November 28 and 30, 2019, more than 300 youth, women and professionals galvanized, in an intergenerational approach, the educational, scientific, professional
entrepreneurial skills of young people and women in order to contribute to better equip the Ivorian population in urban and rural areas.

The day took place on November 28, 2019, in the American Space of the Felix Houphouet-Boigny University. Several topics were addressed within the academy of the environment in order to strengthen the capacities of young people on :

  • Climate issues in Côte d’Ivoire: Climate negotiations and raising the ambitions of the NDCs; air pollution and the eco health approach, the role of law in the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change, entrepreneurship.

Then on November 30, 2019, the Africa-World Institute, in partnership with the telephone operator MTN, the Center for Research and Action for Peace (CERAP) and the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY), organized a colloquium on the theme: “Higher Education and Youth Employability: Innovative Strategies within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals”. The colloquium brought together 150 participants at CERAP in the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Denise Houphouet-Boigny, President of IAM.

WESISAH also thanks the other partners of these different events: The Embassy of the USA in Côte d’Ivoire via the American Space of the University Félix Houphouet- Boigny, the Africa World Institute (IAM), ASAPSU, REDDA-NESDA. Our thanks to our speakers including Dr. Fabrice Ochou, Mr. Jean Marc Bini of Domaine Bini, Dr. Mayeul, Prof Mamadou Fall, Prof Ngou Milama rapport :

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